A warrior missionary with uncommon ideals.


Zheng stands a mere 5’-6" with an athletic and corded build. He is pale skinned with straight black hair he keeps braided back or in a top knot, and has blue eyes. He attempts to keep himself well manicured and clean, only allowing Hsei Yun to weave feathers or other adornments into his braids. His dress is very traditional Taeshin garb and is well cared for, if a bit worn. The oddest part of his dress is his high boots, built for riding, which he laces up on the back of the calf.

His fighting style is strange and awkward for his kind, focusing more on defense and wielding a large curved blade more typical of Raspadon natives. Other than this, he seems fairly traditional in his armor and equipment, favoring the war spear of his people and has some interest in the old Fei Dao riding culture and horseback archery style. His armor, is of heavy leather and iron lamellar. His kabuto style helm is adorned with a crescent moon medate wrapped with a red cord, and a pair of antlers. Zheng fires his bow left handed, and draws his sword left handed, but fights in melee with right handed grip. He keeps his quiver on his left hip, and his sword on his right.

He has not taken a surname or honorific as of yet. he also prefers to characterize his name to mean “centered” or “governance.” If asked about the lack of honorific, he brushes it off claiming he is still learning and has not defined himself.



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