Guild Common is the most standard and is spoken by most folks. Accents abound but it’s generally easy to use. It was evolved from old common by the Guild and uses loan words from half a dozen languages. Basically the sort of horrifying mutt English is.

Elven comes in various dialects which is arguably understood by all the Elves though over the years they’ve begun to split apart and it’s annoying for everyone involved.

Dwarven isn’t really spoken anymore except by Dwarves and usually just the elders. Mostly it’s used for cursing.

Scalykind, Fishmen, and Beastmen can speak an ancient language called Hashei which is old tongue of elementals. Despite years apart this language has stood largely unchanged since ancient times Though it is exceedingly simple and lacks words for many modern things and has to loan them from Guild Common.

Giants speak their own language that shares some roots with Dwarven but is otherwise distinctive. The Ettin King combined the strongest elements of various mountain languages and instituted this one among the various clans and factions of giants. Their writing system was essentially copied from Fei Dao and is non-phonetic like Chinese. Many older giants also speak Hashei.

Machine Men have a language called Clickwise which is tricky to master for other races, lacking the traditional moving parts. It sounds like a nearly musical series of whirrs and ticks. It’s incredibly efficient at conveying information in a small space but can take a great deal of practice to parse. Colloquially it is sometimes called “Tick-talk”


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