~Syd Whistlerum


Dragon’s Lung
An incredibly flammable liquor not for the faint of heart.

Horn polish
A Minotaur brew that they drink by the tankard. Smaller races prefer to take shots.

A relative to Dragon’s Lung Drakespit is a thin spiced beer that leaves your mouth warm and your breath smokey.

Gnomish Fruit Wine

Canian Merlot
A wine from Hell, it’s naturally chilled and has a rich aroma.

Ironvault Brew
The classic Dwarven drink. Unstoppable in it’s popularity and not for the faint of heart. (Though they’ll try it anyway.)


“You’re not my college, I went to mom!”
~Taigus Gladwell

A powerful addictive, blood red substance that can make one fearless. Popular amongst the Drow both in mixed drinks and straight. Long lived races such as Dwarves and Elves are more resistant to it’s effects.

Scarab Resin
A necrotic compound that calms the mind and grants incredible focus. Scarab Resin is usually smoked and makes a thick spice-scented fog after being burned. It’s calming effect is often used in medicine as an anesthetic without many of the common drawbacks of some other numbing agents.

Dream Sweet
A thick chewy substance wrapped in wax paper like toffee, it grants a unique lethargic euphoria. Dream sweet is hallucinogenic as well, granting fantastic visions. Notably Dream Sweet works differently depending on the plane it is taken in. In the Shadowfell, for example the visions tend closer to nightmares and the user is granted heightened reflexes rather than lethargy.

A vicious powdery drug refined from the blood of sorcerors. It has the ability to grant nearly anyone magical power and enhance the magic of spellcasters even further. However it is highly addictive and the long-term damage of crave can be devastating to both mind and body. It’s two most noted effects are a dulling of the sense of taste, and mild to intense hunger flashes. Crave itself almost always has a very strong flavor, and Crave never dilutes the flavor of Crave. Crave tastes different depending on the batch, certain flavors often imply different magical power effects. Coincidentally one of the most notable signs of a Crave user is profoundly nice smelling breath.


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