The Walkers

There were once many gods, fewer now, but they still do what they must for the world.


The Swordmaster and the God of Magic. He maintains the balance of reality and prevents undue sorcery from poisoning the land as it did in ages past. His Paladins are huntsmen and guardians, talented in the arts of combat and spell-breaking. His clerics are learned men who are deeply vested in lore, both arcane and divine. He is often depicted as an imposing swordsman bearing a sword in one hand and a rope in the other.
The Oath of Hammad


The Taxman and the God of Fortune. He governs many things but he is often invoked in moments of great or poor luck. He is recognized as the saint of both beggars and rich men, a prince of deals and what some might call fairness. His paladins serve as executioners and bodyguards, his clerics are clever men of all kinds. Those loyal to Pahzu are lawscribes and storytellers, cooks and thieves. He is often depicted as a curiously young taxman bearing a half-laden cup. He is rarely depicted with weaponry.


The Farmer and the God of Nature. She protects the realms of civilization against the wild darkness beyond. She is a god of civilization, progress and technology. Among her servants are those who work with tools and beasts. Farmers and shipwrights all bear Jodai some respect. Her Paladins serve as constables in cities and Marshals abroad. Her clerics are farmers and engineers who know the workings of civilization. She is seen as a craftswoman with strong hands bearing a spade and bridle. She is sometimes accompanied by a hound or other animal.


These walkers bear the most power in this region though others exist and are commonly worshipped. Powerful figures such as angels and reapers, servants and shades of old dead gods.


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